"Tom and I worked together successfully for the citizens of Clark County on many important issues while he was in the State Legislature. It is because of that relationship and experience that I am led to believe that Tom will be an excellent County Commissioner for all the people of Clark County."
- Joe Zarelli, Senator
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Tom cares about
what the people
of Clark County
have to say
and thinks the
should too!

Dear Friends,

I believe Clark County has been left behind and out in the cold when it comes to good jobs, affordable housing and quality of life.

With a proven record of holding the line on taxes, caring for our most cherished citizens and looking for reforms in government before raising taxes, I am a firm believer in government living within its means, the same as you and I do.

I’m tired of our children and grandchildren finding themselves forced to move somewhere else to find a good job and an affordable home. It’s all about the quality of life … to have your family around you to enjoy them.

As your commissioner, I am committed to making Clark County more business-friendly while bringing back the quality of life we’re entitled to. I will be committed to economic development every day I’m in office, so together we can make Clark County the economic dynamo of Washington State.

It has been an honor and a privilege to represent you these past six years as County Commissioner, along with eight years in Olympia. An awesome experience and a huge responsibility that I accepted proudly. Thank you so much!

I’m now before you once again, asking that you support me in my bid to be your elected County Chairman. Let my years representing you be my resume’ of proven commitment.

Which Candidate...

  • Has the wisdom, experience, and record to address the needs of Clark County?
  • Served the people of Clark County in the legislature for 8 years and 6 years as Commissioner?
  • Believes that government should serve the people, not control the people?
  • Owned his own business for 18 years?
  • Supports affordable housing through realistic growth?
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